Episode 26: The One about the Mara

New changes to Encounters this week! We've brought in a new producer, Ben Danner. Ben is helping us with our sound, including making us our very own introduction! 

If you've ever woken up in the night unable to move with the feeling that there is something OR someone in the room with you--then you've most likely experienced the mara. This phenomenon, sometimes called the Old Hag, is one of the most frightening nighttime experiences someone can have. This week, Ellie and Jesse talk about the folkloristic approaches to understanding the mara, mostly through the work of David Hufford. We also look at a recent, popular example: twitter user, Adam Ellis' Dear David experience (find the link here). In two weeks, we have pt. 2 of our live episode at the ISCLR conference in June. 

Eleanor Hasken