Episode Twenty: The One about Project Blue Book

If you're interested in the role of Project Blue Book in determining the study of UFOs of America--or if you've never heard of Project Blue Book--than this week's episode is for you! We go into the history of UFOlogy (the study of UFOs) in the United States by exploring how Project Blue Book determined the course of governmental study on the UFO phenomena. Project Blue Book began in 1952, following two other similar projects, to look at the threat that UFOs posed on national security. After concluding in response to a rather dramatic report, many UFOlogists believe that Project Blue Book is still being carried out--this time in secret. We also provide an overview of the role of science in the study of UFOlogy in the second half of the episode. If you enjoy our podcast, please be sure to give us a like on Facebook (www.facebook.com/encounterscast) and follow us on Twitter (@encounters_cast) for updates. Also, please rate us on iTunes. Thanks for listening! 

Eleanor Hasken