Episode Nineteen: The One about "The Mothman of Point Pleasant" (feat. Seth Breedlove)

We're back in Point Pleasant this week. This time, we made the journey across several state lines for the first screening of the film The Mothman of Point Pleasant and we were lucky enough to sit down with the filmmaker, Seth Breedlove. Seth is the brains behind Small Town Monsters, which to date, is a collection of films that focus on the cultural and social implications that sightings of cryptids have in smaller communities. In this episode, we discuss the filmmaking process, crypotzology, what it means to be a folklorist, as well as Mothman. We cannot recommend the film enough and encourage you to check it out as soon as possible (as well as Small Town Monster's other films), particularly if you liked episode ten of the podcast featuring Ashley Wamsley-Watts. 

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To purchase The Mothman of Point Pleasant go here: http://shop.smalltownmonsters.com/products/the-mothman-of-point-pleasant-dvd

The trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7S4NS5dcBY


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Eleanor Hasken