Episode Fourteen: The One about Stigmatized Property (part 1)

Do you have a house on your street that just won't sell? An apartment that won't rent? Maybe it has a spooky store attached to it, or it just looks like it could be haunted. Well, we folklorists have a term for that--stigmatized property. This episode, we begin an exploration into stigmatized property. Sharing stories from our own lives, including our recent trip to Point Pleasant, we delve into some of the ways that people relate haunting encounters to space and place. In this episode, we talk about the Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans (which is feature in American Horror Story: Coven) and the famous Ghostbusters Ruling. Have you lived somewhere haunted? We'd love to hear about it! encounterscast@gmail.com and www.facebook.com/encounterscast. 

Eleanor Hasken