Episode 28: The Spooky One about Crypid Con

Well, after technical snafus galore, we bring you this week's episode(s) [we're actually posting two!]. This first episode is the original recording of the our coverage regarding the Cryptid Convention in Frankfort, KY. We originally recorded the second half of this episode about the Mothman Festival, too, BUT when we went to go upload the episode the sound was super messed up. Our sound producer, Ben, noticed all these horrible popping and clicking noises. The sound, too, was cutting in and out for no discernible reason. We think the issue may be that we recorded the episode in the Folklore & Ethnomusicology Department's doll room (which is a horrible thing that exists). We decided to go ahead and upload this episode (pops, clicks, and noise reduction included!) so that all you spooky people can enjoy the weirdness. 

Eleanor Hasken