Each week, this podcast brings listeners together over topics like haunted houses, demon possession, alien sightings/abduction, cryptid sightings, and others. As people with life-long interests in the supernatural and paranormal and folklorists, Jesse and Ellie work together to help bring some of these stories to a broader audience. 

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Ellie Hasken

Growing up on 50s and 60s sci-fi taught me at a young age to love all things bizarre. You can bet that if it involves aliens, swampmen, or big blobs of goop, I've probably seen it. As I've grown older, I've turned towards books, TV, modern cinema, and festivals to get my supernatural/paranormal fix. 

Besides thinking about what I would do if my house were possessed by a demon, I can be found working on my graduate degree in Folklore from Indiana University. 

Jesse Fivecoate

Reading Harry Potter and listening to my dad's ghost stories growing up introduced me to supernatural occurrences of the everyday. Since then I have looked to books, films, legends, and personal experiences to understand how supernatural experiences are told to others. Outside of the paranormal, I enjoy horror films and pictures of baby elephants. 

I am currently working on a dissertation that examines how ghost stories are used to remember times of conflict and violence.